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Hello Burger secret for making the burger perfect!

September 09, 2021

It’s the monsoon season, nothing goes together better than a juicy grilled burger topped with cheese and garlic oil. Since it's time to taste deliciousness, here we are going to share some of our secrets with you to make the burgerscrumptious. So, stay tune and keep reading!!!


While making a burger, there are a number of common mistakes that can take your burger from fabulous to dry and flavourless in a matter of minutes. So read, learn, and apply these tips, and you'll have the talk of the town...for good reasons!!!

Here is a two-part recipe for burger. The first one makes the patties, while the other assembles them. If you plan ahead, you can easily make these burgers.

We steam the veggies for the burger patties in a steamer or cooker. The topping is made while the vegetable steams. Usually, we prepare the dressing a day in advance and refrigerate it.

In one bowl, we shallow fry all the patties at once in a large pan. It really saves a lot of time instead of frying them in batches.

It is quite easier to grill in an oven or air fryer in one batch.

The second step is just assembling and dressing your burger. We sometimes make these soya patties, aloo tikki, hara bhara kebabs, or corn cutlets to use in these burgers.

Size of burger doesn't matter:

We make our patty a half-inch wider than our bun. Unless the burger does not shrink on the grill, it will appear minuscule even with toppings. About 3/4 inch of cheese approximately six ounces thick should be fine! To avoid toppings sliding off, we make sure the patty is flat.


Patties should always be seasoned after they are formed. Food gets drier with salt, so only sprinkle it on the surface instead of mixing it. So, we use our special Hello Burger’s Mexican Street salt (You can use any Mexican Salt) because it can handle both the burger patty and the seasoning with one hand! The flavour of the food comes mostly from the toppings. We rarely add any seasoning to our food except sea salt and pepper


Grills need to be cleaned and oiled before they can be used. After a grill has been used, it's better to clean it. Then, we turn off the heat, remove whatever we were cooking, and use a wire brush to clean it. We use a paper towel with a little coconut oil on it to clean it and prevent sticking. We don’t press the burgers with our spatula! By pressing out the juices, we create a moist, flavourful burger. For medium, heat to 400 degrees for five to six minutes. If you like it well done, cook it for 10 minutes; we won't judge you.

Now that you've mastered making the perfect hamburger, let's talk toppings!

Obviously, you can choose whatever toppings you wish, but we will give you three options below: a bacon cheeseburger with a fried egg, a cheeseburger with caramelized onionsand blue cheese, and last but not least a Cali inspired burger with pepper jack, avocado, bacon, and garlic oil! Hope, you’ll enjoy whatever we have suggested.


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