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Let’s meet mouth-watering Burgers with Hello Burger

March 05, 2021

Let’s meet mouth-watering Burgers with Hello Burger

Whenever I discover a new burger venture that I hadn't previously experienced, that time hello burger comes first to my mind. Hello Burger is a burger specialist which makes you hungry with its delicious mouth-watering burgers.

Come on, let’s be honest. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of fast food? Hot, spicy, oily, rich, fatty or may be different and crispy?

You could say any of the above but when the topic is fast food then there is only one thing that comes first into our mind, that’s a burger. Because a good burger is the foundation of genuine happiness and Hello Burger is a place which provides flavours loaded, hot, spicy and tasty burgers. Burger generally comes under the broader category called ‘fast food’. However, when it comes to eating the food item rich in calories, it is the appetite of people, which matters the most.

A burger is a fast-food favourite of many for all the good reasons. Spicy, hot, cheesy and many ingredients served with butter-oozing buns are one such fast food in the state of the whole India which is loved by locals and tourists at the same time.

Between patties, buns, toppings, and sauces, there are a lot of components to burgers that you can enjoy with your burger.

A burger without french-fries is like a hug without a squeeze

We all have a habit of eating our all-time-favourite fast food – say, French Fries with burgers. Even though there is nothing french about the french fries as the origin of this dish is not clearly known. Some say it was invented by the Belgians and some say, it was the Americans. Ironically, because of the vast popularity of this dish in American fast-food chains, in many parts of the non-European world, “French fries” are more often than not known as “American fries”. But what about Indians…….whether they like fries or not?

Taste of our fast foods

Fast food is a term which generally refers to food sold in a restaurant or in a store with preheated or precooked food that can be prepared very quickly. It allows customers to save time because customers can take rapidly the dishes served. Hello burger presents many types of the burger which will provide the ground beef between your teeth. A burger without cheese is like a hug without a squeeze, then here hello burger has many types of the cheesy burger so just forget all the other things and enjoy with hello burger because it’s burger o’clock.

Hello Burger’s Specialities!

  1. Hello Paneer Supreme Burger

  2. blog_img

    Hello burger has paneer patty & grilled pineapple dressed with in house mayonnaise served with lettuce, onion, tomato, gherkins & jalapeno.

  3. Hello Chicken Supreme Burger

  4. blog_img

    Hello burger serves chargrilled chicken breast & grilled pineapple dressed with in house mayonnaise served with lettuce, onion, gherkins & jalapeno.

  5. Tandoori Chicken Burger

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    Hello burger presents a super flavoured patty dressed with in house mayonnaise served with lettuce, onion, tomato, jalapeno & gherkins.

  7. Epic crispy Paneer Burger

  8. Hello burger gives you crusty paneer patty dressed with in house Mayonnaises serve with lettuce, onion, tomato, & gherkins

  9. Chargrilled chicken breast burger

  10. blog_img

    Chargrilled chicken breast dressed with in house mayonnaise serve with lettuce, onion, & jalapeno, provided by hello burger.

  11. Tandoori Paneer Tikka Wrap

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    Hello Burger gives you crispy cottage cheese dressed with in house mayonnaise served with lettuce, onion, jalapeno, gherkins & olives.

    The hello burger explores your hunger and satisfies your snack attack with its best and delicious burgers and fries and whatnot. All in one place. Every Time you visit our family grows.

Let’s come and taste Hello Burger’s Burger

There is no denying the fact that hello burger thrives on its burgers; a look around hello burger is enough to justify the same. Made with a delectable filling of cheese, sauce and raw veggies, are not only a treat to the eyes but heaven as well. The filling is stuffed inside a cheesy burger, which is flaky and crispy.

This combination of the sweet and savoury burger is sure to make any foodie crazy. Commonly available at every fast food restaurant but hello burger meets your deliciousness.

Hello Burger’s “Have it Your Way” shows customers that they can get their order just how they like it. Chargrilled chicken breast burger is one such fast food item, which only makes your taste full of happiness and satisfaction and which meets you burger heaven because the best burgers are like life — messy and topped with bacon.

Now hello burger gives you an offer to enjoy its Signature hot tandoori chicken burger with a lot of pepper and fiery spices in the new and reduced discount price.

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